When the first Japanese Grand Prix was held at the Suzuka Circuit in 1963, only half of the racing cars were equipped with seat belts and it was commonplace to see ambulances racing to the scene of each crash. And at that same time, ordinary cars on the road were rarely equipped with seat belts. Then, in 1964, Takata developed Japan's first full-harness seat belt. The Subaru 360 that participated in the second Japanese Grand Prix was equipped with a complete Takata safety harness.

a full harness designed for the DOME CO., LTD., F1 racing car made exclusively of parts produced in Japan. This harness was designed not only to ensure the driver's safety, but also to aid in driver comfort and help minimize fatigue. The MPH (Multi Point Harness) was adopted for use by FIA and Super GT, Indycar/CART, Formula Nippon, and Formula 3 formula racing cars in the following years. The combination of safety and winning edge technology has won acclaim from motor sports drivers worldwide.

In 2005, Takata (Japan) started supplying its MPB-020 harness, which incorporated the latest advances in technology, for use in F1 races, the pinnacle of motor sports. The following year, Takata introduced the MPH-range of full harnesses. These sophisticated harness systems were made possible by incorporating state-of-the-art technologies gained from F1 racing in a product available to the public. Features include a small and light buckle and significantly better ease of operation and durability.

Today, in addition to the MPH products from Takata (Japan) we offer a newly designed line of high-quality street, DRIFT and RACE harnesses are available from Takata Racing (Europe) to protect you in nearly any form of motorsport activity.

Takata Japan and Takata Racing (Europe) are dedicated to supplying motor sports fans in Japan and world-wide with even better products by using the extensive research and development know-how from our automotive OEM and racing products and the valuable feedback of leading race car drivers to make more improvements.

Takata Racing DRIFT and RACE models are Takata quality made in Germany.